Hall booking enquiry

Please complete the following form to enquire about availability of the Village Hall or telephone the Hall Manager on 07906-373049..  Please DO NOT e-mail sca@spondonca.org.uk for anything to do with booking.

Entries marked with an asterisk (*) are required. Please provide as much information as possible, in order that we can help you.

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Hirers are responsible for removing their own rubbish and returning the hall to the same state as the start of their hire.

If you are enquiring about a regular booking, please add details of required frequency (e.g. weekly)

For example, is your booking for a public event, group/club meeting, a private party/event etc

The maximum number of people at any one time in the main hall is 220, and the conference room is 30.
If you are using both rooms, the maximum remains at 220.

A licensed bar can be provided by the SCA at an additional cost. Note that alcohol can only be sold at an event through the SCA bar.

Reduced hiring rates are offered to existing SCA members