Census 2001 figures for Spondon

Census 2001 figures, published in 2003, show that, in April 2001, Spondon had a total of 5,104 households housing a village population of 11,939.

The population of the village broke down as follows:


 Spondon (%)Derby (%)England and Wales (%)
Under 1618.12120.2
16 to
20 to 291013.712.6
30 to 5942.339.141.5
60 to 7416.713.213.3
75 and over8.67.67.6
Average age41.637.938.6

Housing and Households

 Spondon (%)Derby (%)England and Wales (%)
One person households27.831.230
Pensioners living alone15.914.714.4
Other All Pensioner households11.49.69.4
Contained dependent children26.229.829.5
Lone parent households with dependent children5.27.36.5
Owner occupied82.469.268.9
Rented from Council1014.213.2
Rented from Housing Association or Registered Social Landlord26.36
Private rented or lived rent free5.710.211.9
Without central heating9.411.58.5
Without sole use of bath, shower or toilet0.10.30.5
Have no car or van22.430.626.8
Have 2 or more cars or vans29.223.929.4
Average household size (number)
Average number of rooms per household5.35.35.3

Ethnic Origin

 Spondon (%)Derby (%)England (%)
Asian or Asian British0.68.44.6
  • Indian
  • Pakistani
  • 0.141.4
  • Bangladeshi
  • 00.10.6
  • Other Asian
  • 00.50.5
    Black or Black British0.31.82.1
  • Caribbean
  • African
  • 0.10.21
  • Other Black
  • 00.20.2
    Chinese or Other Ethnic Group0.20.60.9

    Economic Activity

     Spondon (%)Derby (%)England and Wales (%)
    Economically active full-time students2.63.22.6
    Economically inactive students2.55.14.7
    Looking after home/family4.86.66.5
    Permanently sick or disabled5.25.85.5
    Other economically inactive2.13.33.1

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