Spondon War Heroes

In the heart of the village stands Spondon's memorial tribute to the village men who bravely fought and died in the First and Second World Wars.

The 103 names inscribed on the memorial is a lasting reminder to all of the courage and bravery they showed in serving their country.

The memorial hangs on the wall of Spondon Library in Sitwell Street and is traditionally the initial meeting point and focal point of Spondon's annual Remembrance Sunday parade and service.

World War I names

Eiither side of the memorial displays the names of those who lost their lives in World War I and World War II respectively.

Click on each of these images to view larger versions and to be able to see the names more clearly.

World War II names

Before his sad passing in 2012, former Spondon resident Ken Porter had researched and recounted the lives of many of the men remembered on the memorial.

Click here to read his accounts, along with those added by others, on our former Spondon Online message board

A book written by Derek Hathaway is also available which details much more information about the central War Memorial in Spondon as well as those in the local churches, clubs and other locations. The book is part of the Spondon Archive series of local history books. Find out more.