Spondon Traders fly the flag for St George's Day

Spondon Traders fly the flag for St George's Day
Published: 27th April 2016

Spondon looked fantastic over the St George's Day weekend thanks to the flags flying throughout the village centre.

The flags were organised by the Spondon Traders Association. STA Chairman Mark Davis said: "I hope everyone likes the St George's Flags. These were all put up by our members and volunteers, with the Traders' Association paying for all the new flags and poles. Didn't they do a great job? They worked so hard, thanks so much to them."

"We decided to display the flags outside as many businesses as possible, not just the STA members, to make the Village look great. So remember, look for our logo in the shop window, and pop in and say thank you."

"We were so happy that so many people visited our FaceBook page and left such great comments. It really helps us to make the Village special. Don't forget to like and share the page when you visit us next on FaceBook, that way you'll get to know first of the next ideas that we have, as well as seeing the special offers that your Traders' Association members have to offer."