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Advice on cold callers

06 June 2015

Spondon Safer Neighbourhood Team would like to remind residents that when unknown callers come to your door you should follow these steps:

• Let strangers into your home without checking their identity.
• Be pressured into purchasing items at the door.
• Employ a tradesperson without ensuring they are reputable.

• Keep your front and back doors locked, even when you are at home.
• If you have one, always put the door chain on or use your spy hole when someone calls, even if you are expecting visitors.
• If you are 60+, sign up for the password scheme run by utility companies. It’s proof of identity if the caller knows your designated password.

Advice from Trading Standards is that if you are approached by any person offering to carry out repairs to your property or work in your garden, turn them away and call Trading Standards on 08454 040506. If they are persistent and will not leave when asked to, call 999.

Remember : “Not sure, don’t answer the door!”