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Spondon Neighbourhood Board Funding 2015/16

02 May 2015

Spondon Neighbourhood Board has allocated funding to a variety of projects and activities from its Streetpride devolved budget provided by Derby City Council for 2015/16.

While there are still some details to be confirmed, the draft list of projects is shown below. These will be delivered between now and April 2016. For more details about these projects or if you want to be more involved, contact your Councillor or [email protected]


Location and purpose

1.  Speed Indicating Device (SID) installations

To reduce speeds on roads and to reassure residents and to provide a visible deterrent on Moor Street, Locko Road, Sandringham Drive and Church Street


2.  Footway improvements

To slurry seal the footways on Burnside Drive

3.  Gulley Cleaning

To provide funds to clean additional gulleys in Spondon

4.  Road Closures

To fund the cost of road closures on  Spondon Day 2015 and Spondon Alight 2015

5.  Bulky Waste collection

To fund a free service for a time limited period only to deter fly tipping. Does not include garden waste


6.  Planting bulbs

Working with schools, to purchase and plant bulbs  around the Village Hall to improve the appearance of open spaces

7.  Improvements to open space around Village Hall

To improve the area around the Village Hall to make it more of a destination and feature in the village centre

8.  Cycling Skills - Bikeability level 1

To fund a training programme to build the riding skills and confidence of year 5 pupils at all 4 primary schools

9.  Cycle Club

To develop leisure and sporting cycle skills for year 7 and year 8 pupils at West Park school

10.        Dropped kerbs on Arundel Drive

To provide improved pedestrian crossing points outside Borrow Wood school.

11.        Marker post on Cambridge Street

To install a marker post on Cambridge Street on verge at corner with Arnhem Terrace, to reduce damage to verge.