Celanese Acetates

Celanese Acetates

Spondon's main industrial business has had many names over the years, originally British Celanese and, in more recent years, Courtaulds and Acordis before currently re-adopting, in part, to its original Celanese name.

View is of the main entrance to the complex taken from the footbridge over Spondon station.

Photograph taken: 2006


I don't suppose anyone remembers?

When I lived in Spondon, around 1995-1996 video cassettes mysteriously got placed through our doors on Merchant Avenue, which played a film telling us what to do in the event of a major chemical incedent. They had this company's name on, and it scared a lot of people, including me and my family It said in the film if we heard this 'horn' sound, which you could hear from the place everysingle day, then these steps had to be taken, it told us to leave pets outside and seal up all your doors & windows, they didn't seem to care about pets! There was never a 'major chemical incedent' when I lived in Spondon for 18 years of my life, I know there was the odd explosion but that's it. I think my mum might have written a complaint because it worried me so much I couldn't get to sleep at night and I kept thinking my rabbits & guinea pigs outside in the garden would all be killed in some massive explosion.