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Website Survey - Help Needed

For over 15 years now, the Spondon Online website has been providing local news and info to the people of Spondon and beyond. This current version of the website is over 7 years old so we're getting ready to create a new version of the website in the near future.

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As we are increasingly now using Facebook and Twitter to share local news and info though, we're considering some possible changes to what we do and don't include in future versions of the website, and we'd like your help in making those decisions.

To help with this, it would be great to find out how you currently use the website, what you use it for and what else you'd like to see on here. Our quick online survey should only take a minute or two to complete and we really appreciate your help and input.

So if you're a visitor to the website, frequent or not, have your say by CLICKING HERE >>