Fight continues against Spondon Wood development

Local residents have pledged to continue to fight against a possible new housing development on the edge of Spondon after the proposals took a step closer to becoming reality.

Erewash Borough Council (EBC) has earmarked land along the north of Spondon's boundary as a possible site for developing new properties to meet its housing targets. The land, between the Huntley Avenue/Fallow Road estate and the ancient Spondon Wood, is currently designated as green belt land but, despite this, is still being seen as a preferred option for housing by EBC. 

A recent meeting held by the council passed the Core Strategy Review Document containing the proposal and so the development now goes on to a further consultation stage before then being sent for review/approval by the Secretary of State.

Campaigners are continuing to rally efforts against the proposals and are encouraging people to send in their objections to the development ahead of the next consultation deadline of 9th May 2022.

As well as concern over the loss of the green belt land itself, campaigners have also raised numerous other objections to the development including:

  • concerns regarding the impact of the development on local wildlife including the deer who regularly occupy the land
  • the likely increase in traffic from the new estate travelling through Spondon, which is already heavily congested at peak times
  • the likelihood of Spondon (via Derby City Council) having to provide all the infrastructure services for the new estate (eg schools, doctors, dentists) despite the housing itself being within the Erewash borough and all council tax revenue therefore going to EBC
  • the lack of consultation with local residents on the proposals together with feedback and questions from Spondon residents being largely dismissed/ignored by EBC on the basis that they are "not from Erewash residents".

Posting on the campaign's Facebook group, Spondon councillor Evonne Williams said: "Unfortunately, despite hundreds if not thousands of objections being received, and the protest at and inside the Council House, Erewash Borough Council’s Core Strategy Review Document was passed, meaning that land north of Spondon known as SGA 26 is now included within Erewash’s Plans to build 6,000 new houses within the Erewash Borough Council area.

"We are all deeply disappointed with this decision. However, the passage of this strategy does not mean that building work will commence tomorrow. There is now a consultation on the Strategy, after which the strategy will be sent to the Secretary of State."

Anyone wishing to raise objections to the proposal is urged to do so in one of the following ways:

  • complete the online "Core Strategy Review Representation Form" form which is linked from this page of the EBC website. The page also contains a copy of the full Strategy Document which includes the proposal, along with other details.
  • email your objections to [email protected]
  • or write to Planning Department: Erewash Borough Council, Town Hall, Wharncliffe Road, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, DE7 5RP

Councillor Willliams is urging Spondon residents to continue to campaign against the development, saying: "Please write, email or fill in the form and get as many of your friends and family to do so."

A post on the campaign's Facebook group at includes a summary of all the key reasons for the objections for anyone who needs some help with composing their response to Erewash Borough Council.

The deadline for objections to be raised is 9th May 2022 but residents are urged to send in their objections at the earliest opportunity.