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Spondon elects new councillor

08 May 2015

Spondon resident Nicola Roulstone has been elected as Spondon's new local Councillor following yesterday's local elections.

The mum of three won yesterday's local poll after securing 3,384 votes, 51.1% of the overall total of 6,624 votes cast. She joins fellow Conservative councillors, Chris Poulter and Evonne Williams, in representing Spondon.

Posting on the Spondon Councillors Facebook page, Nicola said: "Thank you Spondon for your overwhelming support ! I am so proud to be able to represent Spondon. I can't thank you enough for putting your faith in me and I will not let you down!"

"After 29 hours awake I am absolutely exhausted but know the really work starts now! Looking forward to working along side Evonne and Chris to keep our strong community spirit so unique to our village."

Nicola can be contacted via the Facebook page at and we'll add her full contact details to the website in due course.

In the General Election results, Pauline Latham was re-elected as MP for the Mid-Derbyshire constituency, which includes Spondon, after securing 52% of the vote.

Full local election result for Spondon:
Richard Morgan, Labour – 1,793 (27.1%)
Garth Munton UKIP – 1,222 (18.4%)
Nicola Roulstone, Conservatives – 3,384 (51.1%)
Alf Wall, Lib Dems – 225 (3.4%)

Spondon Turnout: 6,624 voters (66% of total registered voters in Spondon)

Full General Election result for Mid-Derbyshire:
Martin Fitzpatrick, UKIP – 6,497 (14%)
Nicola Heaton, Labour – 12,134 (25%)
Hilary Jones, Liberal Democrats – 2,292 (5%)
Pauline Latham, Conservatives – 24,908 (52%)
Sue MacFarlane, Greens – 1,898 (4%)

Mid-Derbyshire Turnout: 71%